Past Award Winners

2018 Award Winners

Distinguished Teacher Award | Audrey Wagstaff, Wilmington College

Distinguished Innovative Teacher Award | Shane Tilton, Ohio Northern University

Distinguished Adjunct Teacher Award | Molly Taggart, Kent State University

Distinguished Undergraduate Student Award | Brandon Mock, University of Cincinnati

Top Graduate Poster Award | Brandon Mock, University of Cincinnati

Top Undergraduate Poster Award | Kathryn Nydegger, Wittenberg University

Top Undergraduate Paper Award

“So You Think You Can Teach?”: A Look into How Negative Evaluations Impact University Professors.” Jessica Cann, Sarah Demetruk, Joseph Anastasia, Chrstiana Savo | Youngstown State University.

Top Graduate Student Paper Award

“Perception, Team Roles, and Cohesion in Student Groups.” Allison Centofanti and Kaija DiPillo | Youngstown State University.