President’s Blog – May

The academic year for faculty and students is coming to an end. If you’re like me, you’ve likely disappeared from your family friends to grade final projects, organize files, and bring order back to your office! Yes, the last two weeks of the term are filled with long hours and stress.

In the midst of this stress, I find that I cannot leave campus for the summer without having plans in place for Fall. Choosing new course materials, reviewing textbooks, and potential student engagement platforms are part of my end of semester to-do list. The other item on this list is conference submissions.

Conference submissions are important for faculty and students alike. For faculty, we need to contribute to the discipline and increase our own scholarship. For students, conference attendance is a great way to learn about the discipline and gain research and presentation skills.

The OCA conference is a great opportunity to submit work. This year we’ll be at Xavier University on October 4th and 5th. Our theme is Enhancing Our Communities Through Communication. The possibilities are endless. Collaborate with colleagues and students for a panel presentation, submit a poster, share a paper, or send in a G.I.F.T. (Great Ideas for Teaching Students).

Every year so many attendees tell me that OCA was their first conference presentation. I believe that we are a welcoming organization where students and faculty find their communication family. Furthermore, we provide sessions that enhance teaching, research, and service at an affordable price. So, as you’re wrapping up your semester, please submit your work for our 83rd conference—May 15th is the submission deadline. Here’s a link for more information:

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